Assemblyman Donnelly Blasts President Obama’s “Illegal Assault on Californians”

Posted 6/28/12 – In a newsletter to constituents Tuesday, Assemblyman Tim Donnelly had the following to say:

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, yesterday, released the following statement in response to the U. S. Supreme Court decision which struck down a number of provisions, but upheld one key provision of SB 1070, “The Arizona Law.”  This decision will require police officers to check the immigration status of someone they suspect to be in the country illegally. He acknowledged the court’s decision to instate a portion of the bill, but blasted President Obama’s unwillingness to comply with the upheld provision of the law.

“This is a watershed victory for states like California, who are on the front lines of this unchecked illegal invasion in the face of decades of failure and outright dereliction of duty by the Federal Government to enforce Federal immigration law.

“Consistent with his recent action of granting back door amnesty to young illegal aliens, the President has defiantly stood up against the decision of the Supreme Court, by ordering the Department of Homeland Security to ignore immigration law. It remains be seen whether the department will ignore or obey the illegal order.

“While I am encouraged that the Court upheld state’s rights, I am disappointed that the Court struck down the provision regarding a state’s right to protect jobs for legal immigrants, returning veterans and American citizens. Today’s decision rightly affirmed that a state may act to protect its interests and that we are all equal under the law. This marks an important step in the right direction.”

A vocal supporter of the Arizona Law, Tim Donnelly introduced similar legislation, AB 26, to the California Legislature in his first term in the Assembly.  Prior to coming to the Assembly, Donnelly was the Founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of California, the largest minuteman group in the State of California.

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  1. anonymous | June 28, 2012 at 9:17 am |

    You may want to remind Donnelly that his hero, Ronald Reagan gave amnesty to millions of illegals in the 1980’s.
    Yup, the same President that tripled the debt and sent arms and money to Saddam Hussein
    “Big Talkers” like Donnelly try to disregard history in favor of a minor media shouting point.
    Mr. Donnelly:

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