Congressman Dreier Reacts to SCOTUS Ruling on ACA

Congressman Drier addresses the media at Sierra Vista Park during the Santa Anita fire in 2008, News Net file photo

Press Release posted 6/28/12 – Congressman David Dreier (R-CA), Chairman of the House Rules Committee issued the following statement today regarding the Supreme Court’s decision upholding the healthcare law:

“Today’s ruling makes clear what many of us have said all along – the flawed healthcare law represents one of the largest tax increases in American history.  As our economy continues to struggle, we need to be reducing the tax burden on small businesses and working families, not increasing it.  We must redouble our efforts to repeal and replace this law with patient-centered reforms that will reduce costs and help the American people meet their healthcare needs.  I will be supporting the House’s efforts to do so in the coming weeks.”

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  1. anonymous | June 28, 2012 at 1:26 pm |

    OK, fair enough. And you are correct about the car insurance deal.
    Now….what are you thoughts about the clown with the fancy motorcycle and YOU having to foot the bill. How are you going to resolve that?

    P.S. The “boring” comment is really not constructive. The bulk of my comment was about those who make us pay for their health needs….

  2. What today’s ruling confirmed is that it’s yet another TAX. Obama tried to slip it through as a “penalty”, which apparently is unconstitutional, or so today’s ruling would imply. So now we can all now agree it’s another tax. Nice. Now, whether or not Americans want this tax will be played out in November. As it should be.
    Now as far as your boring, overused car insurance argument… I don’t have to buy car insurance, you don’t have to, nobody has to. If you buy and register a car, though, you have to carry insurance as part of owning that car.
    On the other hand, you and your friend must now buy health insurance, or the IRS will be issuing you a penalty.. er TAX. Much different, as the only requirement for this TAX is being in the country.

  3. Tax increase, really?
    All this does in require that people have health insurance. We already require drivers to have car insurance, so what’ the difference.
    What really annoys me about Dreier, the Republicans and this supposed “tea-party” people, is that for the many years that I was a Republican, I thought we were the Party of self-reliance and the Party that applauded people standing up on their own two feet.
    So, now what the new Republicans are saying is that: “You don’t have to have health insurance. Just wait until you’re really sick and go to one of the County hospitals and be treated for free AT THE TAX-PAYERS EXPENSE!
    What? Is that your idea of “self-reliance?” Really?????
    And you dare call Democrats “socialists”.
    Let me give you an example from right here in good old Sierra Madre:
    My neighbor about ten years ago was a nice young man who went and bought a $12,000 motorcycle. On the way home from where he bought it, he was showing off for the guys that drove him to the dealership and crashed…big time….five blocks after he bought it. Genius!
    So they put the crashed bike in the pickup truck and stuffed their injured friend into the tiny jump-seat in the cab.
    They get the rider home and decide that he needs to be in the hospital.
    The Arcadia Methodist Hospital no longer has a trauma center, but they have an obligation to patch-up anyone who comes in and get them stable enough to be transported elsewhere, so that’s what they did.
    Now they haul their friend to Los Angele County/USC hospital. He is diagnosed with a broken leg and other minor injuries.
    So, TAX-PAYERS……you just paid for this guys treatment, X-Rays, tests, cast, crutches , pain pills and the months of physical therapy.
    He had no health insurance. Owning a fancy-fast motorcycle was more important to him than being responsible.
    So….to Dreier, the Republicans and the Tea-whatevers”….why is that OK for you?
    Why do you insist that the people that have their priorities all screwed up be MY PROBLEM?

    What’s next? Are you going to insist that people that don’t want car insurance be left alone to continue crashing into the rest of us hard working people that have insurance.

    What happened to the GOP and being the Party of personal responsibility????
    And, here we have lame-duck Dreier giving a couple of last cheap shots while he enjoys his fancy public paid health care plan.
    Really, folks….health insurance…car insurance…what’s the difference?
    I’m REALLY tired of the Republicans insisting that millions of people continue to get a free ride when it come to their health.
    Making someone get health insurance before they spend their money on motorcycles, beer and mag wheels sounds to me like something that any adult would agree with.

    But not the likes of David Dreier…(we won’t miss ya….)

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