Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff on Passage of the Democrat Majority Vote Budget

State Sen. Bob Huff at 2009 SM 4th of July parade

Press Release posted 6/28/12 – Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff (R-Diamond Bar) issued the following statement today in response to the passage of the Democrat majority vote budget:

“It’s disappointing that the majority party squandered its opportunity to provide a balanced, honest and transparent budget that Californians could be proud of.  There is no doubt about it. Democrats own this budget. Both Republicans and the public have been denied any real opportunity to review dozens of pieces of critical legislation prior to their being voted on.

This irresponsible budget grows state spending by more than $10 billion and relies upon the assumption that voters will approve a massive $47 billion tax hike. Democrats ignore the simple truth that voters have rejected the past eight tax increase proposals placed before them. While this budget should be a reflection of the state’s priorities, it threatens $6 billion of education cuts and lacks any of the meaningful reforms the people of California rightfully want.  There’s no pension reform, no job-creating regulatory reform and nothing that increases government efficiency.

The majority party is taking a huge gamble with this budgetary house of cards.  They refuse to see that there are limits to what this stagnant economy, weighted down by high taxes and overregulation, can possibly generate in the way of revenue.  Considering their track record on spending and revenue projections, they’ll be lucky if this sham budget doesn’t fall apart before the November election.  And if they are wrong, yet again, it will be – by their design – our schools, our students and our teachers who suffer the most.”

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  1. Milan Moravec | June 28, 2012 at 7:24 pm |

    Extreme disparaties in higher education make it impossible to keep the promise of equal opportunity for Americans. University access, affordability is farther and farther out of reach. UC Berkeley Chancellor Birgeneau, Provost Breslauer leave an indelible mark on access and affordability. Self absorbed, arrogant Chancellor and Provost are outspoken on elite public Cal. ‘charging Californians much higher’ tuition. Number 1 ranked Harvard is now less costly. Cal. tuition is rising faster than costs at other universities. The ‘charge Californians higher’ tuition makes Cal. the most expensive public university!

    Birgeneau ($450,000 salary) Breslauer ($306,000 salary) like to blame the politicians, since they stopped giving them every dollar expected. The ‘charge Californians more’ tuition skyrocketed fees by an average 14% per year from 2006 to 2011-12 academic years. If Birgeneau Breslauer had allowed fees to rise at the same rate of inflation over the past 10 years they would still be in reach of most middle income students. Disparities in higher education defeat the promise of equality of opportunity. An unacceptable legacy for students, parents, politicians!

    Additional funding should sunset. The economic downturn is devastating California. Simply asking Californians for more money to fund inept Cal. leadership, old expensive higher education models and support burdensome salaries, bonuses, and pensions is not the answer.

    UC Berkeley is to maximize access to the widest number of Californians at a reasonable cost: mission of diversity and equality of opportunity. Birgeneau’s Breslauer’s ‘charge Californians higher’ tuition denies middle income Californians the transformative value of Cal’s higher education.

    Opinions? UC Board of Regents Calif. State Senators, Assembly members.

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