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A 9/11 Message from John Napolitano

Posted 9/10/13 – Longtime readers will recall that former NYPD officer  John Napolitano  has been an occasional contributor, and most especially around 9/11, the anniversary of the day his son, Lt. John Napolitano of FDNY…

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A New Year’s Message from John Napolitano

Posted 1/1/13 – Long time readers will remember the story of my visit to the International Association of Firefighters’ memorial service in 2002, honoring the fallen firefighters from the previous two years, including the 9/11…

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Editorial – On the Death of bin Laden

by Bill Coburn I have mixed emotions today.  I was raised to believe that it is not okay to rejoice in someone else’s misfortune, and to rejoice in someone’s death is never okay.  Don’t get…