Council Votes to Increase Water/Sewer Rates as Protest Effort Fails

Press Release posted 1/30/14 – The Sierra Madre City Council held a Public Hearing on January 28, 2014 to receive oral and written testimony on the proposed water and sewer rate increases. At the close of the Public Hearing, all protest ballots were received and the final tabulation of protest ballots was completed. The total number of protest ballots received did not reach the quantity of 1,848 ballots for water rates or 1,591 for sewer rates that would be required under Proposition 218 to halt the rate increase proceedings. The City Council, based on the outcome of the protest vote, adopted Urgency Ordinance 1351-U, setting new water and sewer rates effective March 1, 2014 for the City of Sierra Madre.

Detailed information on the Water and Sewer Rate study can be found on the City website here. For information on water conservation and calculating your water bill please visit here.