SMFD Extinguishes Car Fire on Montecito

Posted 5/11/15 – Around 8pm this evening, SMFD responded to a call that turned out to be what appeared to be a pick up truck on fire.  The vehicle was right next to a very tall tree with low hanging foliage, but SMFD got the fire out quickly, averting a very dangerous situation.  In any event, SMFD broke a window to get access to the inside of the vehicle, and then used machinery (possibly a Sawz-All?) to gain access under the hood once the flames were gone.  I got there while the flames were still coming up from under the vehicle, but by the time I got the camera running, the firefighters had pretty much reduced it to smoke.  I did get some dramatic video of the sparks generated by the Sawz-all, in the last couple minutes of the video below.

No one was injured, and no other vehicles nearby were damaged.  According to Sgt. Enriquez of SMPD, preliminary reports are that it is suspected mechanical failure.,