Rose Float on View at the Barn Today, Buy Flowers and Donate for 2017

2016 Animation Trophy Winner "Rollin' On The River"

Posted 1/4/16 – Due to rain in the forecast, the SMRFA award-winning Tournament of Roses Float “Rollin’ On The River” will not appear in Kersting Court this year, and will go straight to the barn.  While it’s true that the flowers could withstand the rain, imagine the weight that would be added to the structure of the float if all the flowers/seeds/plants absorbed the rain water.

The public is invited to view it at the barn and buy flowers and make donations today only, Jan. 4th.  Please remember that when the float is in Kersting Court, it gets an awful lot of people that are just driving by and see the float who come to see it, buy and make donations for the next year’s float.  It won’t have that traffic today, but SMRFA will still need the money it usually brings in on Kersting Court viewing day, so, even if you’re tired, even if it’s raining, go ahead down and see the float, buy some flower and/or make a donation.  And call a neighbor and invite them to join you.  SMRFA has brought Sierra Madre award winning floats ten of the last eleven years.  Show them your appreciation and support.