Cafe 322 to Feature Live Improv Comedy

It’s finally here…Comedy Improv in Sierra Madre. ..and this is different!  These are “real” people, your friends and neighbors, and they are really funny! Comedy Improv Live is interactive team sports launching at Café 322 on Thursday night August 11 at 7:00pm.

These players are the best of the best from June Chandler’s Comedy Improv Clubs where they work out weekly led by Improv gurus Dick Valentine and Hal Sweesy.  They do it for the love of improv. In the daytimes they are a house painter, a second grade teacher, a CEO, a retired octogenerian, a shoe salesman, etc.  They live next door and you’d never know they have a secret life. Laughter is  therapy, their “fix”.  They feel it’s time to share the laughter with you.

They hope you’ll join them and coach Hal Sweesy to kick off  the season of improv games, sit ringside, laugh your team on,  and help crown the champs. 

Cafe 322 is located at 322 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. in Sierra Madre.  Call for information.  (626) 836-5414.