Dr. White Doing Fine

Then Mayor Doug Hayes presents Dr. Bill White with Honorary Sierra Madre Citizenship during Pioneer Days, 1998 News Net file photo

Dr. Bill White, who had his medical practice in Sierra Madre for about 40 years, and who was named in 1998 as the only Honorary Citizen in Sierra Madre’s history, is recovering nicely from open heart surgery just before Thanksgiving.  I spoke with Dr. White this morning and he assured me that “I’m really doing great, no kidding.” 

The surgery was to replace an aortic valve that he had been keeping an eye on for several years.  “It’s congenital, not diet related, it’s something that comes with the White genes,” he said.  He was in the hospital for ten days and came home just a few days before the winds came that left he and his wife without power for six days.  He assured me that he’s been walking, and that he hopes to participate in the Trail Race in May.  He said he will be back to work seeing patients on January 2nd, noting that he probably could be back earlier, but he’s decided to take it easy through the holidays.  Glad to hear  you’re doing well, Dr. White!

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  1. Jon Inskeep | December 8, 2011 at 4:51 pm |

    Dr. White is also the only Honorary Member of the Sierra Madre Search and Rescue Team and was instrumental in the team being able to buy former Los Angeles County Fire Station 108 at the corner of Stonehouse and Baldwin.
    It is arguably the finest rescue headquarters in the nation.
    Jon Inskeep
    Former Team President

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