Update on AT&T Cell Towers

Posted 10/25/12 – Update – The final inspection by the City’s engineer of the Methodist Church tower took place last week, and it did not pass.  AT&T must now make corrections to allow it to pass, and call for re-inspection. As of yesterday, 10/24, they had not yet called for the re-inspection.

The lease with the City for the co-location at the City Yard tower has now been signed, so AT&T can pick up their permit to begin work, however, as of yesterday, they had not yet done so.

4 Comments on "Update on AT&T Cell Towers"

  1. UGH! i am going to cancel my plan soon. i can’t take not having cell service in my own home.

  2. They’re just doing their job, Ken. If there is a structural issue that might cause something to fall and someone gets injured, or a wiring issue that might lead to fire, I’d rather they get that fixed than worry about if I have to wait another week for cell service.

    We’ve waited so long, what’s another week or so? I’m more upset about the 26 months it’s taken so far…

  3. Dear city inspector,

    Thanks, ass.


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