Announcements on this page are restricted to those who resided in Sierra Madre, worked in, or have family in Sierra Madre.  If you fit one of those qualifications, we’ll post an obituary honoring your loved one.

Kaleen Harman, 7/1/12

Lucille Hoegee, 5/14/12

Scott Greenlaw, 4/9/12

Earl LaLone, 2/12/12

Michael Delgatto, 1/27/12

Mike Zubia, 12/12

Shirley MacGillicuddy, 11/11/11

David Farnworth, 10/28/11

Bill Sullivan, Sr., 9/21/11

Chris Maroe, 9/14/11

Eph Konigsberg, 9/2/11

Jonathan Paul Nyerges, 9/1/11

Midge Morash, 7/23/11

Paul Hinojos Anthony, 5/28/11

Dick Sale, 2/14/11

Maureen (Coburn) McAdam, 12/10/10

Mary Tumilty, 7/28/10

Ruth Teigler, 4/21/10

George L. Throop, 4/11/10

Judge Robert M. Olson, 11/21/09

James Knowles, 11/1/09

Margaret Estelle Osti, 8/16/09

Eugene “Beans” Colbert, 5/27/09

Frank van Dongen, 5/14/09

Karl Teigler, 4/12/09

Sue Messersmith, 1/20/09

Douglas Berkshire, 1/09

Joan Sheets, 11/16/08

Charles Andrese, 5/9/08

John Grijalva, 12/9/07

Marion Behrens, 3/10/07

Paul Magaris, 6/26/06

Rose Marie Coburn, 7/11/05

Hugh Campbell, 12/05/04

Patrick Dunning, 7/16/04

Malcolm Francis Birch, 10/16/03

Edward Colucci, 9/12/03

Jim Heasley, 7/19/02

Monsignor Robert Gara, 6/10/00


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  1. My deepest condolences to the Sullivan family for their loss of Bill. a most wonderful amazing inspirational being to all of us “kids” growing up with his kids.. Great memories of the days of hanging out with Billy & Danny at The Bottle Shop…and the Mendoza’s.. lol.. i think all of the Windsor Lane kids used to bug Bill Sr. on a daily basis, buying a Jamaica Cola and bag of dorritoes.. and flirting with his boys. RIP Mr. Sullivan, you are very much loved!

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